General Warehousing

The Karga Rio has authorization to guard and receiving goods from third parties, with full warranty, according to the Decree Law 1102 of November 21, 1903.

Our different Sheds are structured to receive not only small loads (nutritional, hygiene and cleaning products), machinery and parts as well as special cargo net and cargo chemical / hazardous

Logistics Operations

To meet the specific needs of each customer in the logistics, we are available to conduct studies and provide operations that may be necessary. Among them we can highlight:

- Receipts
- Inventory management.
- Picking (separation and assembly applications).
- Distribution / Shipping Management.
- Product Labeling nationalization.
- Re-packaging.
- Stuffing of Containers of all types (Dry, Flat Rack, Open Top and Reefers).
- Handling of hazardous cargo and storage.
- Moving loads isotherms.
- Storage in accordance with the customer's criteria (LIFO / FIFO). - Studies and logistics planning.
- Execution of external logistics operations in the customers premises (in-house).
- Cross Docking