We have Warehouse very close, 1 Km away from the Port of Rio de Janeiro, in the Port region in the neighborhood of Caju where the Operating Companies that are at the base of Petrobras and the expectations have increased their operations in the face of new investments for new wells exploration. We are the "Karga Rio Armazéns Gerais" and we have all the conditions to support the Off Shore and On Shore Operations within this scenario.

We are based in a 60,000 m² area where we can store various types of products having a patio for Containers and / or large materials, including with development of storage projects heavy lift.

We have certified warehouses to receive hazardous chemicals and products with certifications from IBAMA (No. 39705), the INEA (LO Operating License No. IN 023 647) and ISO 9001: 2008 (No. BR 04/01328).

We have the possibility to use our area as a cargo terminal where we can receive any type of cargo to be transported already nationalized or stored and waiting for the best time for your shipment.

We have Redex export terminal for considering this type of terminal operations to support PSV (Platform Supply Vessels) in international waters is required.

We have cranes and forklifts high capacity to serve as Base Logistics Support Operations and of their desire to partner with your lordships.